An Overview to VoIP Service

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is an IP enabled service. In simple words, VoIP allows you to make different calls using an internet connection. These calls can be within the country as well as outside the country. While using VoIP, you don’t need to have an analogue connection of your telephone line as used in traditional landlines. During the use of VoIP service, you can be sometimes limited while making calls. Some of the services may allow you to call someone who has the same service as yours but some of the services can also allow you to call anyone having any type of calling service, either it’s a VoIP service or a telephone service.

Equipment You Need to Operate VoIP:

To operate the VoIP service, you need to have some of the connections along with some quality equipment. This includes a high-speed internet connection. You can have this connection using a cable modem or any better service like DSL. Local Area Network connections can also be used. On the other hand, you need to have a computer with you. An adaptor or a mobile phone can also be used in order to operate the VoIP service. Many VoIP services need computers to operate. Some of the services may work on mobile phones as well as a traditional phone after connecting it to the VoIP adaptor.

Difference Between Local Calls and a Long-Distance Call:

Making a local call or long-distance call using a VoIP call centre does not make an effective change in your service. However, some of the VoIP service providers charge extra fees for making international calls.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP:

VoIP services bring some useful features with them that help your business to grow vastly especially when it comes to communication. VoIP offers you some quality features that are not provided while having a traditional landline. And if somehow, you manage to get those additional features with your landline, you are asked to pay extra for using them. Furthermore, you can set your incoming calls in the queue so that you won’t miss any of the calls or also you can answer them using the IVR system.

Talking about the disadvantages that VoIP service could have is that some of the VoIP services won’t be able to operate while having a power shortage. And to overcome that, your service provider doesn’t offer you a power backup. Secondly, your security while using internet telephony is at risk. It is your responsibility to ask your service provider to provide you with a better security backup so that no one should be able to hack your system or steal the data.

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